Add-On Inspection Services

Thermal Imaging Home Scan

Thermal imaging is the most useful technology a home inspector can use to supplement the visual, non-intrusive inspection. A scan of the home with a thermal imaging camera is done at the end of each one of our inspections at no extra cost. This added step helps us identify deficiencies across a number of systems that would go otherwise undetected. 

Small water leaks or moisture intrusions can be located that have not yet stained the interior surfaces. Missing insulation can be identified in the ceilings and wall structures. We check the electrical panel for high temperatures and the accessible receptacles around the home. Lastly, we check the air supply registers to ensure a good seal of the ducting to the metal registers.

thermal imaging home scan

Foundation Elevation Survey

Homes built on Houston’s expansive clay soils are naturally susceptible to movement over time as the soil expands and contracts. However, too much movement can cause damage to the home and its components if left uncorrected. We’ll perform a slab elevation survey at no extra cost on every inspection. The survey creates a map of the foundation and measures the height within 1/16” of an inch. This data can quantify the home’s current conditions and serve as a reference point to monitor any settling in the future. 

Home builders have learned a great deal about constructing slab-on-grade homes in our areas since it became the prominent construction method in the 60’s and 70’s. Many homes built during this time period have already had foundation repair work done. Without proper documentation, it can be impossible to determine where the repairs may have been made and the extent of the repair work completed. The foundation survey will give our clients piece of mind about the current state of the home and evidence for a future sale of the home. 

foundation elevation survey

Irrigation System Inspection:

When an underground irrigation system is installed on the property, it can fall into disrepair if it is not used regularly. Whether or not you plan to use a system that you observed during a tour of the home, we will test the system during the inspection so you know the condition. We’ll manually run each programmed zone on the control panel and identify what area of the property each zone is serving. We’ll highlight any significant deficiencies that need repair, as well as any minor adjustments needed to optimize the system. All of the testing will be documented with pictures of each zone in our report. This is included at no extra cost whenever an irrigation system is present.

WDI (Termite) Inspection

Our most popular add-on service, the Wood Destroying Insect (WDI) inspection is an independent and thorough review of the structure for any signs of WDI or conducive conditions that may lead to an infestation. Termites are the most common WDI and can wreak unseen havoc on a building’s wooden components if left undetected.

We utilize a trusted, local pest control company who’s technicians are all certified by the Texas Department of Agriculture to perform these inspections. An independent report will be completed and attached to the online home inspection portal. These inspections are required for VA loans and we will provide the appropriate paperwork when needed.

Pool Inspection

A pool and spa can add significant appeal to a future home, but they also represent significant investments and future expenditures. The pool structure, deck structure, plumbing, and mechanical components all need proper maintenance and upkeep.

We provide a full report of the observed condition of all the pool system’s major components. This report will not replace an inspection and repair cost estimate by a qualified pool and spa contractor (if needed), but it will provide an overview of the system and all of its components in a clear report delivered on the same day as the home inspection.

Sewer Scope

To best serve our clients, we offer a sewer camera scope through a reputable national company that offers affordable service with a quick turnaround on scheduling and reports. This camera inspection can identify the type of underground drainage plumbing in a home as well as any major deficiencies. We recommend this add-on service when there is a short option period, or when information gathering is the goal, rather than immediate repairs.

Our clients may elect to use a local plumber for a potential sewer scope inspection, as the inspection we offer will not pinpoint the exact location of any potential repairs nor will it provide cost estimates. In the case where repairs are needed, a plumber will need to perform another camera inspection, although most companies will credit the cost of the camera inspection towards the final invoice for repairs.

sewer scope inspection
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