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Each state’s inspection Standards of Practice (SoP) outlines what tools and measurements an inspector is required to use. To complete a Texas home inspection according to the SoP, an inspector only needs a ladder, a tape measure, and an electric receptacle tester. We strongly believe every inspection should go well beyond this baseline requirement and utilize the best technology available.


Thermal imaging is the most useful technology a home inspector can use to supplement the visual, non-intrusive inspection. A scan of the home with a thermal imaging camera is done at the end of each one of our inspections at no extra cost. This added step helps us identify deficiencies across a number of systems that would go otherwise undetected. 

Small water leaks or moisture intrusions can be located that have not yet stained the interior surfaces. Missing insulation can be identified in the ceilings and wall structures. We check the electrical panel for high temperatures and the accessible receptacles around the home. Lastly, we check the air supply registers to ensure a good seal of the ducting to the metal registers.

thermal imaging

Drone Roof Inspection

While the best way to inspect a roof is from the roof’s surface, it’s most important for everyone that the home inspector finishes the inspection safely. We will climb the surface of almost all single story homes with asphalt shingles, but use 4K drone photography for inspection of two and three story homes.

Drone technology has advanced in recent years so that professional quality, stable images are affordable for home inspectors. We are FAA certified pilots of small unmanned aircrafts and follow local and federal guidelines each time we fly our drones.

Drone Photography

Foundation Measurement

We use the precision altimeter Smart Level to perform our foundation elevation surveys as described on our add-on inspection services page. This tool utilizes a long-fluid filled tube connected to a bluetooth pressure sensor. The slight changes in the pressure of the fluid (due to the change in elevation) is detected by the sensors and converted to a difference in height, accurate up to 1/16”. We first sketch the home’s floor plan and then use the tool’s app to plot the measurements on the image.

Moisture Meters

The thermal imaging camera can sometimes detect a temperature differential that appears to be moisture but is actually caused by another factor. We utilize non-intrusive as well as pin-type moisture sensors to confirm any signs of moisture. We also use these meters if a previous leak has left a water stain on the ceiling or wall. This technology can confirm if the water stain appears to be an active leak.  There are times when a roof has already been repaired and the previous homeowner didn’t get around to painting the ceiling.

Moisture meter

Electrical Tools

A simple three-light electrical tester helps us identify any improper wiring in the home’s receptacles. We can confirm if GFCI receptacles are working properly. We’ll also use a voltage detector to easily identify if any exposed wiring is live and hazardous. Our multimeter helps ensure the 240 volt receptacle for the clothes dryer is wired correctly.

The Simple Tools

While we don’t often think of our everyday tools as “technology”, they were the latest and greatest invention at some point in the past! We ensure our ladders, screwdrivers, flashlights, magnets, mirrors, and more are all in good working order so the inspection goes smoothly each and every time.

Simple Tools

Our Software

The best unseen tool we used is Spectora’s home inspection report writing software. This software allows us to focus on the visual inspection while we’re on site and have our photos and comments seamlessly uploaded to our web editor. All that’s needed before we publish our report is the addition of any unique items that deserve a bit more research, editing, and summarizing the report. Spectora is leading the industry towards easy-to-read web based inspection reports and we’re proud to be a part of their community.

SMC Home Inspection Report
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