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Full residential inspections are our core service and the main way we empower Houston homeowners. Our goal is to be as helpful as possible to our client’s journey, no matter the reason for the home inspection. While each home and each inspection are unique, Texas inspectors are licensed by the Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC) and must follow the standard template of what to inspect. If you’re looking to learn more about the details of the inspection, check out our What We Inspect page.

The most common home inspection request is from potential home buyers that have an accepted offer on a home and have entered the option period of the contract. The option period allows the buyer to perform their due diligence on the home over a period of usually 1-10 days. The due diligence usually consists of a standard home inspection, additional system inspections (sewer scope inspections, stucco inspections, etc) and any follow-up visits by local contractors to evaluate potential projects. 

The short timeline in this critical step is why you’ll receive the inspection report on the same day as the inspection. We also appreciate the difficulty of needing to schedule the inspection right away. Our availability and price estimates are both available online through the Get A Quote or Schedule Now pages. If we’re not available to immediately answer any other questions over the phone when you call, we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. I write in the plural tense (because team work makes the dream work) but this is Todd, your inspector speaking, and I may be on a roof, in a crawl space, or speaking with a client at the time of your call.

An inspection for a home seller is often called a pre-listing inspection, since it happens before the home is listed for sale. These inspections are for home seller’s who want to get the maximum value out of their home sale and have no surprises along the way. Getting a detailed inspection will allow the seller to perform repairs before the sale, and also disclose any significant items as part of the listing, such as older HVAC systems, electrical, plumbing, etc.

A warranty inspection is not quite a new construction home inspection, but also not part of a real estate transaction. Almost every home builder will provide the buyer with a series of warranties on the home. There is usually a one year warranty for “craftsmanship” and the home’s appliances. There may be items that have become defective over the first year, or items that may have been incomplete and gone undetected. Either way, the homeowner will be glad to have those items corrected at the expense of the home builder before they cause any future damage.

Whether or not the home buyer had an independent inspection done at the time the home was completed, they can have an inspection done before the one year warranty expires. The term “11-month warranty” smartly implies that you complete the inspection at least a few weeks before the deadline so you can communicate the repair requests to the builder well before the one year anniversary.

We’ve encountered many other reasons that our client’s choose to have a home inspection done. Our opinion may be biased, but it’s never a bad time to have a thorough review of your home completed to identify any hidden defects or broken systems that are waiting to wreak havoc at the most inconvenient time.

  • We help families who are looking to transfer ownership of a home and want to understand its current condition. 
  • We help families who have lost loved ones and need to understand the condition of a home in order to determine the path forward. 
  • We’ve helped investors who need to understand what defects are safety hazards and need to be fixed and which are simply cosmetic items.
  • Perhaps you’re ready for a major renovation on your current home, and you don’t want to miss an opportunity to fix or upgrade systems that have otherwise been impractical to deal with otherwise
  • Maybe you’ve just been living in your home for over ten years and are looking for a “home maintenance inspection” to make sure you’re protecting your largest investment.  
residential inspection
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